Make a Personal Timetable

A personal timetable is a booklet of the lines you most often use, small enough to have in your bag or pocket. You can choose whether you would like it as a pdf or printed and sent to your home. Your timetable can contain a total of 74 pages. And if you want we can save your details and send you information if anything changes (applies to those who order via e-mail). You can find simple instructions on how to do this here.

As you are involved and determine how big a timetable you want to have, we reduce paper usage by several tonnes a year!

Ordering a personal timetable below is only in Swedish but there are instructions in English above.

About your personal information (GDPR)

When you use this form, your personal information is collected so that we can send the timetable you ordered by mail or email. We also use the information as we need to inform you about changes to the timetables you ordered. If you would like to know more about our handling of your personal data, please see our GDPR page.

Order you personal timetable here (Swedish only)