Our zones

Our transit area is divided into five zones. If you are traveling with a single ticket you pay a price for each zone you travel within. This means if you travel from zone 1 to zone 2, you pay for two zones. The zone division does not affect those who travel with a period ticket. There are also urban zones for Bålsta, Knivsta/Alsike, Östhammar, Tierp and Skutskär.

Zone 1 - Uppsala inner city
Zone 2 - Uppsala and Knivsta municipality as well as Örsundsbro, Alunda, Storvreta, Lövstalöt and Bälinge
Zone 3 - Other municipalities and parts of Uppsala County
Zone 4 - UL service in Gävleborg, Västmanland and Södermanland County
Zone 5 - Arlanda Airport and Märsta

Zone map as image