Single and 10 journey tickets for young people

For young people up to and including 19 years, also if you reach 20 years during the ticket’s validity period.

Single ticket Advance On board (not Upptåget/SL) Validity
ONE ZONE (ZONES 1-4) SEK 20 SEK 28 75 min
TWO ZONES SEK 40 SEK 56 90 min
THREE ZONES SEK 60 SEK 84 120 min
FOUR ZONES SEK 80 SEK 112 120 min
FIVE ZONES SEK 100 SEK 140 120 min
UL/SL Advance On board
(not Upptåget/SL)
UL ZONE 3 + SL SEK 43 SEK 51 120 min
UL ZONES 2+5 + SL SEK 60 SEK 76 150 min
UL ZONES 1+2+5 + SL SEK 77 SEK 101 150 min
UL ZONES 1+2+3+5 + SL SEK 94 SEK 126 150 min
ul zones 1+2+3+4 + SL SEK 94 SEK 126 150 min
All ZONES + SL SEK 111 SEK 151 150 min
UL/XT Advance On board (not Upptåget/SL) Validity
UL ZONES 3+4 + XT GäVLE CITY SEK 48 SEK 58 120 min
UL ZONES 2+3+4 + XT GäVLE CITY SEK 66 SEK 76 120 min
UL ZONES 1+2+3+4 + XT GäVLE CITY SEK 84 SEK 94 120 min
All ZONES + XT GäVLE CITY SEK 102 SEK 112 120 min
UL ZONES 3+4 + XT County SEK 73 SEK 83 240 min
UL ZONES 2+3+4 + XT County SEK 91 SEK 101 240 min
UL ZONES 1+2+3+4 + XT County SEK 109 SEK 119 240 min
All ZONES + XT County SEK 127 SEK 137 240 min

To/from Arlanda Airport

For travel to / from Arlanda by train, SEK 130 will be added for the passage fee on all tickets to enter the terminals. Youth t.o.m. 17 years pays no passage fee.

For travel to/from Arlanda or the other stops in zone 5 by bus, SEK 40 will be added for the Arlanda supplement on all tickets. The validity is 240 minutes and the supplement applies to lines 801 and 880.

You who only travel within Uppsala County (Uppsala - Arlanda) only need a regular UL ticket. If you travel further into Stockholm County, you also need an SL ticket, or alternatively a combined UL / SL ticket that is valid for both counties. Terms and conditions.

Ticket Price
aRLANDA supplement bus, single ticket SEK 30
Arlanda supplement train, single ticket SEK 130
Arlanda supplement train, 30-days SEK 400

Zone Map

10-journey ticket on UL Card

The 10-journey ticket for young people is uploaded on the UL card, applies to all zones and is valid for 2 hours/ticket. For journeys by SL commuter trains this applies for local journeys between Uppsala – Knivsta – Arlanda. It can unfortunately not be used to start/activate a journey in Stockholm. 

Note that only one person at a time may travel and that you may upload max two 10-journey tickets on one and the same UL Card. The 10-journey ticket is valid for one year from the time of purchase.

10-journey ticket Zones 1-5 SEK 340

How to activate a ticket:

  • Bus: tap the card on the on-board reader.
  • On the Upptåget train – Activate a ticket using the ticket machines on the platform before you go on board.
  • On SL commuter trains – Activate a ticket using the ticket machines on the platform before you go on board. IMPORTANT! It is not possible to do this on the train.
Weekend discount

Weekend discount, Friday 12:00 - Sunday 24:00

During weekends, you that have reached the age of 18 can bring up to 6 children between 7 and 11 years free of charge. Weekend discount is valid from Friday at 12:00 until Sunday at 24:00.

The discount applies to trips with the City buses in Uppsala, the Region buses, Upptåget, Train in Bergslagen and the SL commuter train between Uppsala and Stockholm.