High Level of Involvement in the New Bus Line Proposal

More than 2,200 comments were submitted about the proposal of the new line network for the city bus service in Uppsala and approx. 2,500 persons attended the consultations that were recently conducted. UL confirms that the consultation period has elapsed and the incoming material will be reviewed.

The involvement among Uppsala residents is at a high level as regards the proposal for a new line network in 2017 for the bus service in Uppsala. Once the deadline for submitting views expired last Monday, UL had received more than 2,200 responses in terms of public consultation responses from organizations and companies as well as comments from individual citizens. In addition, the four consultations in weeks 6-7 were attended by a total of 2,500 people.

“It feels incredible to get responses from so many people who are affected by the proposal. This provides with an even better basis to work further with and we are of course very happy and grateful for the wide engagement that Uppsala residents showed," says Bertil Kinnunen (S), Chairman of the Public Transport Board.

UL has begun work on going through all of the comments and suggestions of changes that came to the Board. Before the final proposal for the new line network is handed over to the Public Transport Board for a decision, UL will examine which adjustments are possible to make in the proposal presented.

“We will not be able to implement all of the changes proposed, but comments and suggestions have come in that seem particularly interesting. We will work on these further in order to see whether it is possible to find implementable solutions," says Stefan Bojander, UL Project Manager.

The districts that submitted the most comments are Nåntuna, Flogsta, Gamla Upsala, Sunnersta and Stenhagen.

The decision on the new line network 2017 will be made by the Public Transport Board before Midsummer. After that UL will present a proposal at bus stops along the lines and in connection with this a new consultation will be carried out to obtain comments from citizens. This will take place in the fall of 2016.

For information regarding this press release, please contact UL’s CCO Sture Jonsson, Tel 018-611 19 08 or 070-212 03 85.