Travel with others than UL

Bus journeys between UL and SL

If your journey crosses the county boundary to Stockholm County, special rules apply. If you have purchased a combined UL/SL there is nothing for you to think about.

UL buses to/from Stockholm County
On UL buses to and from Stockholm County UL period tickets, UL/SL single tickets and 24-hour tickets are valid. The lines that this applies to are 183, 188, 805, 806, 808 and 898. For local travel by UL buses within Stockholm County, SL period tickets are valid with a receipt.

SL buses to/from Uppsala County
On SL buses from Uppsala County SL, period tickets and single tickets are valid. The lines that this applies to are 579, 593 and 677. For local travel by SL buses within Uppsala County, UL singel ticket, 24 hour and period tickets on UL-card with a receipt and in the app are valid.

Line 677 Norrtålje - Uppsala
On line 677 you can travel with both UL and SL period tickets with a receipt for the entire route. If you wish to make a single journey between Norrtälje and Uppsala, you need a single ticket for SL or UL/SL.

Connection from line 677 to 806 Norrtälje - Arlanda
If you are coming from Norrtälje by line 677 and changing to line 806 for Långhundra to Arlanda it is recommended that you use an SL period ticket with a valid receipt for the entire journey. The same thing applies for the other direction. If you are to travel with a single ticket you also need to purchase a UL/SL ticket when boarding in Långhundra.

Line 801 Arlanda - Uppsala
On line 801 UL tickets and fares apply, partial payment with SL tickets is not possible.

If you need further information about various tickets or where the zone boundaries are, call UL customer service on 0771-14 14 14 or SL’s customer service on 08-600 10 00.

Journeys between UL and X-trafik Service

Uppsala supplement for travel Gävle - Uppsala
Those who travel with the combination ticket UL+XT County can purchase an Uppsala supplement which is valid on some of SJ’s regional trains on the Gävle - Uppsala - Gävle route. The supplement costs SEK 695 and is sold at X-trafik’s customer center in Gävle, UL’s ticket machines at the station in Gävle and in X-trafik’s web shop. Within Uppsala County UL’s rules apply and within Gåvleborg County X-trafik’s rules apply.

Local travel within X-trafik’s county with UL’s service
X-trafik tickets are valid on UL’s buses and trains. 

X-trafik’s tickets are valid for travel by lines 501, 510 and the Upptåget train from/to X-trafik’s zones A, B, C, D, E and F to zone F1 (Gävle city) within Gävleborg County. For onward travel across county boundaries by UL buses and trains, partial payment does not apply.

For local travel within Gävle city (up to Järvsta) using UL’s service, X-trafik’s ticket is also valid for only zone F1.

TiB (Train in Bergslagen)

The train in Bergslagen (TiB) only applies to UL's period tickets and 24-hour tickets between Sala-Uppsala-Arlanda. Not single fare tickets.


SJ annual ticket with Resplus
Those who have an annual ticket from SJ have the option to add Samtrafiken’s Resplus supplement to their annual ticket. The supplement allows annual card holders to travel with county and urban area transits throughout the whole of Sweden for one year on the routes where county transit company period tickets are valid.