Upptåget Trains, Our Own Commuter Train

The Upptåget train is a fast and convenient way and takes you from Gävle in the north, Sala in the west and Uppsala in the south. Services between Uppsala and Tierp will be half-hourly, and between Tierp and Gävle the Upptåget train will run hourly. Services after 22.00 and before 9.00 on weekend mornings run less often. 

The Upptåget train to Sala makes stops in Morgongåva and Heby and 12 services depart in each direction Monday-Friday and six services per direction Saturdays and Sundays. 

Example of travel times:

Uppsala – Tierp 37 minutes 
Uppsala – Gävle 60 minutes 
Uppsala – Sala 40 minutes

Buying tickets? 

You can use you travel funds to purchase tickets from the train attendant, but it is cheaper to purchase them before you board. If you do not have a UL card with a ticket you can for example purchase tickets using the UL app or at our agents/ticket machines.

Connecting buses and trains

If you are to travel onwards by SL commuter train the change time is 9-12 minutes to/from the Upptåget train on the Sala line. If you come from the direction of Gävle the change time is 6 minutes. From the SL commuter train the change time to the Upptåget train is 5 minutes.

Transit company

The Upptåget train is operated in partnership with Transdev.