Period ticket, youth

Those who are 7 up to and including 19 years always pay a reduced fare and if you travel often you may benefit from purchasing a period ticket. Also for those who reach 20 years during the ticket’s validity period. 

All period tickets are uploaded on a UL card or our app. The UL card and can be used by several people, but only one person per journey. Combined 30-day tickets with SL are loaded on an SL Access Card which is valid together with receipt.

The validity of UL applies for journeys by city buses, regional buses, the Upptåget train and SL commuter trains up to Arlanda. For those who are 18 years of age and over and take trains to/from Arlanda C, a station access fee is added. Terms and conditions.

30-day tickets

Ticket Price
UL SEK 590
UL + SL SEK 1,140

Zone Map

Leisure ticket – for traveling in evenings and weekends

The leisure ticket VT/HT is valid Monday - Friday 16.00-04.00. Leisure ticket 30 days is valid 14.00-04.00. The tickets is valid 24 hours a day on Saturday, Sunday, holidays and study days. Se page bottom for holidays.

Ticket Price Validity
leisure tickets SEK 350 30 days
Leisure ticket hT SEK 760 8/10-12/31, 2020
leisure ticket vt SEK 840 1/1-6/12, 2020
Leisure ticket hT + SL SEK 1,520 8/10-12/31, 2020
leisure ticket vt + SL SEK 1,750 1/1-6/12, 2020

Summer ticket – 24 hours a day throughout the whole summer

The ticket is valid from June 1-August 31 for an unlimited number of journeys on regional buses, city buses, the Upptåget train and SL commuter trains between Uppsala, Knivsta and Arlanda. The ticket is sold in our app, at our ticket agents and in the ticket machines.
* If a train journey starts or ends at Arlanda, there is a supplementary station access fee for everyone who is 18 years and above.

Ticket Price Validity
Summer ticket SEK 870 June 1-August 31, 24 hours a day

7-day ticket

The ticket is valid for 7 days for an unlimited number of journeys on regional buses, city buses and Upptåget as well as the SL commuter train between Uppsala, Knivsta and Arlanda *. The ticket is available for purchase from our sales agents, vending machines and in the UL app.

* If your train journey starts or ends at Arlanda C, a passage fee will be added for those over 18 years of age.

Ticket Price Validity
7-day Ticket SEK 210 7 days, 24h

School ticket Private – for travel on weekdays 

School ticket Private is valid on vacation-free weekdays at 04.00-19.00.

Ticket Price Validity
School ticket private hT SEK 1,910 8/10-12/22, 2020
school ticket private vt SEK 2,390 1/7-6/11, 2021
School ticket private hT + SL SEK 2,520 8/10-12/22, 2020
school ticket private vt + SL SEK 3,170 1/7-6/11, 2021
Public holidays

Holidays for 2020

Winterholiday 200215 - 200301
Easter 200404 - 200419
Ascension Day - 200521 - 200524
Summerholiday 200610 - 200819
Autumnholiday 201024 - 201101
Christmasholiday 201219 - 210111