Have you reached 65, have taken early retirement or are a beneficiary?

Then you can benefit from traveling by bus and train within our service. The pensioner ticket is avaliable as 30-day, 90-day or annual ticket and is valid for unlimited travel by city buses, regional buses, Mälartåg (Sala, Gävle, Arlanda/Märsta) and the SL commuter train up to Arlanda. 

Combined period tickets with SL are loaded on an SL Access Card which is valid together with receipt.

In addition, the ticket can be used by several people on the UL card, but only by one person at a time. Terms and conditions.

The ticket is valid for those who are 65 years and over or have the certificate from Försäkringskassan "Intyg för förmånstagare" or the Swedish Pensions Agency’s "Pensionärsintyg". 

Ticket Price
30 days SEK 620
30 days + SL SEK 1,170
90 days SEK 1,670
Annual ticket, cash SEK 5,450
direct debit SEK 480


The 10/30 ticket is available for the categories Adult, Youth, Student and Pensioner. It contains 10 dormant travel days. When you activate one of the ten travel days, it is valid until 04.30 the next day. You can only activate one (1) travel day each day. The ticket can only be purchased in our app.

Ticket Price
UL SEK 430

Summer ticket - 24 hours all summer

The ticket is valid from 1 June to 31 August for unlimited travel on regional buses, city buses and Mälartåg (Sala, Gävle, Arlanda/Märsta), as well as the SL shuttle between Uppsala, Knivsta and Arlanda *. The ticket is sold in our app, at our ticket agents and in the ticket machines.

* If your travel start or end at Arlanda C you will be subject to a supplement fee for everyone over 18 years.

Ticket Price Validity
summer ticket SEK 1,240 June 1 - August 31

7-day ticket

The ticket is valid for 7 days for an unlimited number of journeys on regional buses, city buses and Mälartåg (Sala, Gävle, Arlanda/Märsta) as well as the SL commuter train between Uppsala, Knivsta and Arlanda *. The ticket is available for purchase from our sales agents, vending machines and in the UL app.

* If your train journey starts or ends at Arlanda C, a passage fee will be added for those over 18 years of age.

Ticket Price Validity
7-day Ticket SEK 230 7 days, 24h