One adult and six children on the same ticket.

Weekend discount, Friday 12.00 - Sunday 24.00

At the end of the week and weekends if you are 18 years and over you can bring up to 6 children between 7 and 11 years with them without additional cost. The weekend discount applies from Friday at 12.00 to Sunday 24.00.

The weekend discount also applies to major vacations:

  • Easter: Easter Thursday 00.00 - Easter Monday 24.00
  • Walpurgis Night: April 30 at 00.00 - May 1 at 24.00
  • Ascension Day: Wednesday before Ascension Day at 00.00 - Sunday at 24.00
  • National Day: June 5 at 00.00 - June 6 at 24.00
  • Midsummer: Thursday before Midsummer’s Eve at 12.00 to Sunday 24.00
  • Christmas, New Year and Epiphany December 21 at 00.00 - January 6 at 24.00

The discount applies to travel with city buses, regional buses, Mälartåg train (towards Sala, Gävle, Arlanda/Märsta), Tåg i Bergslagen and SL commuter trains between Uppsala and Stockholm.

The weekend discount is not valid with a Resplusbiljett. Children who travel on a weekend discount are not entitled to delay compensation.

Child, 0-6 yrs

Young Children Always Travel Free

Children under the age of 7 years always travel free when accompanied by a paying customer. From the age of 7, children may travel alone on our buses and trains. Children travelling to and from school with a personal travel school card must of course be younger than that.