Change or cancel Direct Debit

The direct debit service will be discontinued in 2024. If you have a ticket via direct debit, it will be active until you cancel it, or at the latest until December 2024. 

You can change or cancel your direct debit by using the form below. Note that we need to have your desired changes no later than the 15th of the month before the change or cancellation will apply. 

If you decide after the 15th that you want to cancel your direct debit from next month, you can cancel your direct debit mandate via your online banking service any time before the payment is withdrawn. 

If you want to change your bank details you need to send in a physical form since we need your signature. You can find it further down on this page. 


Direct debit changes

Please note that if you had the ticket less than a year, a handling fee of 150 SEK will be added.

I want to change my ticket type to

Annual travel card by direct debit

Change Direct Debit with printed Form

In some cases, you will need to sign and mail your change to us, e.g. when you change your bank details.

Print out and fill in the details; mark the envelope FRISVAR and send it to

UL Autogiro
758 53 UPPSALA

Download the form