Guidelines for Accessibility in Public Transit in Uppsala County for People with Disabilities

There are now guidelines on how public transit in the county will be more accessible to people with disabilities. At the Public Transport Board meeting on September 12 it was decided to adopt the proposal for guidelines that the Public Transit Department UL drew up.

“The guidelines that have now been adopted constitute the strategic objectives for how we will work with accessibility matters in a systematic manner within public transit," says Bertil Kinnunen (S), Chairman of the Public Transport Board.

“We can confirm that some has been done but a lot also remains to be done and that it may take time. Therefore it is especially important to have guidelines that mean that accessibility issues some into the planning of activities early," says Johan Wadman, Administrative Manager Public Transit Department UL.

The guidelines describe how the county will work to create an accessible public transit service for everyone. The guidelines constitute the strategic objectives and provide the prerequisites for continuous and systematic accessibility management.

The Public Transit Department UL has in cooperation with a number of parties worked from the proposal “Guidelines for accessibility in public transit in Uppsala County for people with disabilities". During the work a dialog meeting has been held and the proposal has also been out for public consultation to a large number of reviewing bodies. The consultation report which forms a part of the basis for the board’s basis for decisions sets out all of the public consultation points.

The guidelines are generally based on the Public Transport Act, the Planning and Building Act, the EU Public Transport Regulation, as well as advice and guidelines from government agencies and industry organizations. In addition, national standards and recommendations within accessibility for passengers with disabilities have been taken into account.

Further information:
Bertil Kinnunen (S), Chairman Public Transport Board, phone 070-763 40 71
Sture Jonsson, UL’s CCO, 018-611 19 08