Bus Replaces the Train Between Vattholma and Uppsala

Buses replace the Upptåget train service on the Vattholma - Uppsala route on September 24 and 25 due to rail works north of Uppsala.

Work on the double track north of Uppsala continues and all train services will be shut down and replaced by bus on the Vattholma - Uppsala route from 12.00 Saturday until 12.00 Sunday September 25.

The first Upptåget train southwards that is affected is the departure from Gåvle at 13.37 and Tierp at 11.13. A replacement bus departs from Vattholma to Uppsala when all passenger from the train have boarded the bus.

The first Upptåget train northwards that is affected is the departure from Uppsala at 12.09. Replacement bus departs from Uppsala C, stop C1, 11.54.

From Vattholma the replacement buses will departs immediately after all passengers have boarded the buses. From Uppsala C the replacement buses will depart from bus stop C1 15 minutes before the train’s usual departure time. Between Vattholma, Tierp and Gåvle, the Upptåget train will run in accordance with the usual timetable.

Detailed information about the replacement service are available on UL’s website.

Uppsala - Storvreta travel will be directed to the regular bus service on lines 110 and 115.

Travel by the Upptåget train on the Tierp - Storvreta route and reverse will not be affected.

The Upptåget train service on the Uppsala - Sala route will not be affected by the railway work on September 24-25.

The first train departures on Sunday September 25 which will run according to the regular timetable are from Uppsala at 12.09 and from Tierp at 11.43.

For questions, please contact UL’s COO Sture Jonsson, phone 018-611 19 08.