The Fee at Arlanda C Results in Higher Train Fares

The fee for every passenger who alights or boards a train at Arlanda will be increased. The company A-train has decided this. At the Public Transport Board’s meeting on September 12 the proposal that the price of single tickets by train to Arlanda is adjusted by SEK 35 is in order to cover the cost of the increased station access fee.

“The station access fee charged by A-train should be removed instead of being increased. The fee means that those who choose to environmentally-friendly travel to and from Arlanda are penalized by a higher cost," says Bertil Kinnunen (S), Chairman of the Public Transport Board.

“It concerns me that two thirds of the price of a train ticket consists of a fee that goes entirely to a party that is not responsible for the service. Anyone traveling on the Uppsala-Arlanda C route using a single ticket purchased with travel funds pays SEK 60 for the journey and SEK 120 to get on or off at Arlanda C. It feels unreasonable," says Bertil Kinnunen.

The fees charged by A-train directly affect the ticket price for those traveling by train to Arlanda. The same principle is also applied by the other train operators SL and SJ.

For young people under 18 years the fare remains unchanged since A-train does not charge a fee for someone who has not reached 18 years. Period tickets with the Arlanda supplement are not affected as the fees for these tickets are unchanged.

The fee to A-train for alighting and boarding train passengers has already risen without the passenger fare being affected and a new increase will take place in December. In order to avoid a change in the fare, the Public Transport Board has chosen to adjust the ticket price on one occasion and the proposal will take place on September 20.

A-train AB planned and built the Arlanda line and, in agreement with the state, has the exclusive right to operate trains services on the Arlanda line and to levy fees from train operators until 2040.

Further information:
Bertil Kinnunen (S), Chairman Public Transport Board, phone 070-763 40 71
Sture Jonsson, LU’s CCO, 018-611 19 08