New Bus Line in Enköping

From August 15, Enköping will have a new circle line that serves Fanna and the work place areas in the east.

Enköping will have a new line, line 210, from August 15. There is a circle line which serves Enköping center, Resecentrum, the industrial area on Varggatan, åkersberg, Fanna, Resecentrum and Enköping center.

"With the new bus line, we improve the opportunities for residents in Fanna's new residential area, åkersberg, to travel by bus to and from the central parts of Enköping while making it easier to travel by bus to the eastern workplaces," says Bertil Kinnunen, Chairman of the Public Transport Committee.

The bus line has been adapted to accommodate journeys in different directions during the morning afternoon and evening. Therefore the line went clockwise until the middle of the day and anti-clockwise during the afternoon and evening.

“By changing the direction of travel we create attractive journeys with shorter journey times for the residents of Fanna and åkersberg as well as for those who work in workplace areas in the east," says Bertil Kinnunen.

During weekdays two services per hour will be running in the morning and afternoon. At other times and during weekends one service an hour will be running. See timetable on

For questions regarding this press release, please contact:
Bertil Kinnunen (S), Chairman of the Public Transport Board, phone 070-763 40 71.
Sture Jonsson, UL’s CCO, 018-611 19 08