Summer Timetable from June 13

On Monday June 13 UL’s summer timetable begins to apply to all bus services.

From Monday June 13 UL’s summer timetable will begin to apply to UL’s bus services in the county. The summer timetable applies up to and including August 14. Like previous summers the frequency of many bus lines will be reduced.

Uppsala city buses
The Uppsala city bus service changes some line routes and stops.

Lines 8 and 21 do not run during the summer period and line 12 does not run on the City - Bolånderna - Såvja - Flottsund route.
Line 14 turns at Gottsunda center.• Line 35 withdrawn.
Line 42 turns at Nåntuna backe and the Nåntuna backe – Gottsunda route will not be served.
Line 11 and 20 will have a new bus stop Dragarbrunn on Vaksalagatan instead of Stora Torget.
Line 40 will have a new starting bus stop Centralstationen.

Regional buses
The regional bus service has a number of lines that are withdrawn during the summer period.


Line 502 does not serve ålvkarleby station.
Line 835 serves Lövstabruks herrgård.
Line 867 is in operation throughout the summer. (In previous summers it has been withdrawn.)
Lines 100, 514 and 821 are coordinated so that there is a half-hourly service to Björklinge during weekends.

For all those traveling to öregrund, the final stop will be changed to the Sven Persson Hallen for lines 639 and 811 instead of the ferry location. It is because of the traffic situation in öregrund that the buses can not drive through the port area up to the ferry to Gråsö. For travel to and from Gråsö there is a connected call-ordered service three times a day.

The summer period for the Upptåget train service and the SL commuter train begins on June 24 and extends up to and including August 14.

For questions regarding this press release, please contact UL’s CCO Sture Jonsson on 018-611 19 08