The Bus Replaces the Train on the Gåvle-Tierp Route

All train services are replaced by bus on the Gåvle - Tierp route on June 9-14. The construction of the double-track railway between Furuvik and Skutskår means that no train services can be run when the new stretch of railway is connected together with the existing railway.

During the period June 9-14 all train departures will be replaced by bus on the Gåvle - Tierp route. During the evening of June 14, the new double-rail section begins to be used and the first train runs goes from Gåvle at 20.37 and from Tierp at 20.47.

The travel time for the replacement bus becomes approx. 50-60 minutes longer than usual since the bus serves all places between Gåvle and Tierp where the Upptåget train has usually stopped.

Detailed information about the replacement service are available on UL’s website. Information is also available on board the Upptåget train.

Since the Upptåget train runs according to the regular timetable between Tierp and Uppsala the change to and from the SL commuter train in Uppsalal functions as usual.

The Upptåget train service on the Uppsala - Sala route will not be affected by the rail works.

For questions regarding this press release, please contact UL’s CCO Sture Jonsson on 018-611 19 08 or 070-212 03 85