Continued Large Discounts on UL Tickets for Pensioners

Pensioner annual tickets for the UL service will still have a 48.5 per cent discount compared to the regular price of an annual ticket. This means that pensioners after the now decided price adjustment are also offered the highest level of discount of all for UL tickets. The decision on the price adjustment was made by the Public Transport Board at the meeting on March 8.

“Even after the price adjustment. The discount for the annual ticket for pensioners is approx. 48.5 per cent compared with the usual price. And since public transit is already subsidized by tax at 50 per cent, this means that pensioners pay approx. 25 per cent of the actual cost when they purchase an annual ticket," says Bertil Kinnunen (S), Chairman of the Public Transport Board.

“The balance of tax subsidies for public transit of approx. 50 per cent is good and proper. I also think it is good that we provide substantial discounts on both annual and monthly tickets for pensioners among others," says Bertil Kinnunen.

The price adjustment that the Public Transport Board has decided on from May 1 on annual tickets for pensioners means an increase of SEK 240 to SEK 3,660 for a ticket paid in one payment and SEK 3,900 for tickets paid by direct debit. The award per month is SEK 20 more than before.

“The present price for pensioner annual tickets entails a discount of more than 50 per cent compared to the usual annual ticket which costs SEK 7 125. It feels like a slightly too big a discount and this is the reason why we are making the price adjustment," says Bertil Kinnunen.

For other pension tickets, 30-day UL and 30-day UL/SL, no price adjustment will be made. The level of discounting of these tickets are approx. 40 per cent.

There are also discounted tickets for young people and students. The level of discount for these groups are 30-40 per cent depending on the type of ticket.

Further information:

Bertil Kinnunen (S), Chairman public transit committee, Tel. 070-763 40 71

Sture Jonsson, CCO Public Transit Department UL, phone 018-611 19 08