Most UL Bus Lines Is Removed from Flottsund Bridge

Most UL bus lines stop serving the temporary Flottsund bridge from February 29. UL is making the change to improve the ability to keep to the promised timetable.

From February 29 bus lines that serve the Flottsund bridge will be re-routed. This applies to lines 12, 101, 188 and 896 that normally pass Fyrisån at Flottsund. This re-routing of the service will apply until the new bridge is completed in the summer of 2017.

Line 42 will until further notice continue to serve the Flottsund bridge and run the regular itinerary.

Changed itineraries
Line 12 will turn at Nåntuna backe which means that the bus stops Lugnet and Brostugevågen will not be served.

Regional bus lines 101, 188 and 896 run on line 255 – Kungsångsleden – Dag Hammarskjölds våg and in reverse. Stops in Sunnersta, Ultuna and Ulleråker are not served.

Stops for lines 101 and 188
Lines 101 and 188 serve the city bus service’s stops Lugnet and Nåmndemansvågen on line 255. At Nåmndemansvågen it is possible to change to or from other bus lines.

Bus stop Lågerhyddsvågen at Kungångsleden will be served (also by line 896) for passengers to and from Lundellska skolan. For travel to and from Ultuna and Sunnersta it is recommended to change to city bus lines at bus stop Science Park on Dag Hammarskjölds våg.

New line
To streamline travel to and from Ultuna there will be a special bus, line 35, which will be put into service in the morning and afternoon on the Nåmndemansvågen – Ultuna route. Line 35 connects with line 101 at Nåmndemansvågen bus stop.

The morning service connects to line 35 with line 101 which departs from Knivsta at 6.03, 7.03 and 8.03.

In the afternoons line 35 departs from Ultuna Veterinårvågen at 16.00 and 17.00 and connects with line 101 which departs from Uppsala central station at 16.10 and 17.10.

An evaluation of the new line with line 35 will be made during the spring.

SL commuter train in combination with city bus
For travel Knivsta – Ulleråker/Ultuna/Sunnersta the commuter bus and city bus in Uppsala are recommended.

For questions, please contact UL’s CCO Sture Jonsson, phone 018-611 19 08.