Call-controlled Public Transit Becomes Possible as a Result of Procurement in Progress

At the moment a procurement of call-controlled transit for patient transport and public transit is in progress. Information about this was submitted at the meeting of the Public Transport Board today, February 11th.

“Public Transport Administration UL has the task during 2016 of developing a strategy for regional bus transit by 2016, including the use of call-controlled transit as an alternative. The procurement now in progress will mean that we will have an additional transit solution in the future to achieve even better and more efficient public transit," says Bertil Kinnunen, Chairman of the Public Transport Board (S).

Call-controlled public transport means an opportunity to offer public transport in areas where the travel base is small. By just operating routes that someone has notified in advance means they will travel without the need to run buses unnecessarily.

Today, UL can not set up call-controlled transit because there is no agreement for such a service with any transit company.

The Public Transport Committee was informed of the procurement which commenced on January 20 and includes call-controlled taxi services for both patient transport and public transit.

For questions related to this press release please contact: Bertil Kinnunen (S), Chairman of the Public Transport Board, Tel. +46 70-763 40 71 Sture Jonsson, CCO Public Transit Department UL, Tel. 018-611 19 08