UL’s Market Share Is Increasing and Passengers Are More Satisfied

The market share of motorized traveling continues to increase and UL’s passengers are more satisfied than before. This is seen from the results of the national survey Kollektivtrafikbarometern.

In the annual report of Kollektivtrafikbarometern the market share of the total motorized traveling was measured. Public transit in Uppsala County come in at fourth place in the country with 27%. Only Stockholm, Skåne and Våstra Götaland had a higher market share. Where UL is concerned this is an increase of 1 percentage point compared with 2014.

“Although there is a good deal left to do and it would be desirable to have a more rapid, the results show that we are on the right track towards achieving the long-term goal of doubling the public transit’s market share," says Bertil Kinnunen (S), Chairman of the Public Transport Board.

UL’s customers are also more satisfied. On the question of what they think about their latest UL journey, 83% of passengers rated 4 and 5, which is one percentage point better than the previous year and two per cent better than the national average.

“It is gratifying to see that as many as 83 % are satisfied with their last journey," says Traffic Director Johan Wadman at UL.

“Compared with other metropolitan counties we have the highest proportion of satisfied customers and that spurs us on to try to be even better," says Johan Wadman.

In the case of NKI (Satisfied Customer Index) where the question is “How satisfied are you with UL?", 68% of passengers give ratings of 4 and 5. This is a substantial increase compared to 2014 when the result was 61% satisfied.

New for 2015 is that the Kollektivtrafikbarometern also investigates whether the passenger arrived on time on the latest journey and 89 % of UL’s passengers stated that they arrived on time. Compared to the rest of the country, it is somewhat above average and better than the three metropolitan counties.

The Public Transit Barometer survey covers the entire country and, in Uppsala County, 300 telephone interviews are conducted each month. It is a statistical sample with residents aged between 15-75 years. In the report there is also a division between customers; those who travel at least once a month, and the general public, where those who never travel or who travel less than once a month, are included.

For questions regarding this press release, please contact: UL’s CCO Sture Jonsson, phone 018-611 19 08 or 070-212 03 85.