Mobile Charging on Many Regional Buses

The number of buses with mobile charging in the UL service has now increased. There are 24 new buses that are equipped with USB sockets for the charging of mobiles, tablets and similar equipment.

“This is a good step in the right direction for making the travel time usable and making a bus journey a more attractive travel alternative," says the public transport board’s Chairman Bertil Kinnunen (S).

A few buses in the UL service have already previously had USB sockets and the ability to load mobiles and tablets has been appreciated by many passengers. Nobina, which runs a large part of the regional bus service for UL, is now increasing the total number of buses with USB sockets to 31.

“Many people feel the need to be constantly connected and need to charge their mobile several times a day. By providing the ability to charge batteries on the bus we contribute to simplifying the day for many customers," says Roger Norman, Traffic Manager at Nobina in Uppland.

Starts from Enköping
Most of the 24 new buses are stationed in Enköping. They will mainly be put into service on the Uppsala - Enköping - Våsterås route but will also be present on other routes. All buses with USB sockets have a yellow decal with a charging symbol. There are two USB sockets at each double seat and the socket is in the ceiling at the rear of the bus and in the side panel in the front section of the bus.

Someone who has already had a chance to test it, and is positive about more buses having the ability to charge is Julia Hågg who travels from Enköping to work in Uppsala.

“Now you don’t need to look for a socket in town. For me and many others the mobile is the best pastime when I travel, and it is a comfort to always be able to call someone if anything happens."

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