Closed Bridge Affects Bus Passengers

No bus service over Flottsund bridge during the January 11-15 period. Services will be affected because all services will be closed due to the work in progress on rebuilding the Flottsund bridge.

Five bus lines in the UL service are affected by traffic closure at Flottsund bridge during the January 11-15 period. There are lines 12, 42, 101, 188 and 896 which usually pass Fyrisån at Flottsund.

It is bus passengers traveling to and from Ultuna and Sunnersta and coming from or traveling to bus stops south of Flottsund who are affected.

“Unfortunately the Travel Planner and the UL app will not have the correct information about the re-routed services due to the late request for closure," says Nikodemus Kyhlén at UL’s press office.

“However, UL will do everything in its power to ensure that the passengers concerned receive information in another way such as for example at, bus stops and via announcements in UNT," says Nikodemus Kyhlén.

Travel by city bus lines 12 and 42 will be re-routed to travel via central Uppsala. Travel to and from Ultuna och Sunnersta will be re-routed to the city bus lines 1, 8, 12, and 20.

Lines 12 and 42 will turn at Nåntuna backe. For line 12 this means two withdrawn bus stops and for line 42 all bus stops in between Nåntuna backe and Gottsunda will be withdrawn.

For regional bus lines 101, 188 and 896, the itinerary will be temporarily re-routed. These lines run from Dag Hammarskjölds våg - Kungsångsleden - line 255 and vice versa. The city bus service’s bus stops Lågerhyddsvågen at Kungångsleden, Nåmndemansvågen and Lugnet on line 255 are served by options to change to and from other bus lines.

UL will participate in Uppsala municipality's press conference on Monday January 11 at 09.00 at Flottsund bridge.

For questions regarding this information, please contact UL’s press office. phone 018-611 19 44