Use mouth guards in UL traffic

From 23 February, the recommendation on mouth protection in public transport will be extended to apply around the clock. The recommendation applies to people born in 2004 and earlier, ie people aged 16 and older.

Your own responsibility

You buy mouth guards at pharmacies. Some sales agents, grocery stores and specialty stores also sell disposable mouth guards. You are responsible for having mouth guards in public transport.

You who are a customer of UL and do not have the opportunity to get, or forgot, mouth guards can pick up mouth guards for today's trips at UL Center. However, the availability may vary and it is not guaranteed that there is a mouth guard to pick up at every opportunity.

How do I use a mouth guard?

For those who travel by public transport, disposable mouth guards are recommended, which you use and then discard. Do not reuse. Put on the mouthguard before getting on the bus or train and take off when you get off.

Make sure your hands are clean when you put on the mouth guard and make sure it covers your nose and mouth. Do not put your hands on the mouth guard when wearing it and spray your hands again when you take it off.

Throw the used mouth guard in the trash so as not to litter. If there is no trash can, you can take it home and throw it in the household rubbish.

Keep your distance

The use of mouth guards does not replace personal responsibility, that is

  • continue to keep your distance
  • wash your hands
  • only travel if you have to.

These points are still the most important to reduce the spread of infection.

More information can be found at Region Uppsala.

How to use the mouth guard.