Reductions in train traffic Uppsala – Tierp and Uppsala – Gävle

Mälartåg announces that from 11 December 2022 there will be reductions in train traffic on the Uppsala - Tierp and Uppsala - Gävle routes.

Why cutbacks?

The aim is to create more predictability in train traffic and minimize the number of emergency canceled trains. The reason for the cutbacks is that there is an acute shortage of locomotive drivers throughout Sweden, and this also affects UL's area.

This means that Mälartåg runs fewer trains on the Uppsala - Tierp route during both weekdays and weekends from 11 December. Several of the departures that enabled 30-minute traffic during large parts of the day are withdrawn. On the Uppsala - Gävle route, there will be four fewer departures on weekdays in each direction during peak traffic.

Some traffic is not affected

Train traffic Uppsala - Sala is not affected by this reduction.

What happens now?

We are very concerned that MTR has not managed to live up to its agreement with Mälardalstrafik also in 2023, where we agreed on single traffic delivery and this does not at all meet the requirements we have set. We understand that you as travelers are disappointed and that trust in Mälartåg and UL is affected.

We expect that Mälartåg's measure to reduce the number of departures is adapted to the available workforce in all parts of the train system, and that it creates a high level of punctuality and reliability in the train traffic that runs.