Information about Corona

Avoid congestion in traffic

Upptåget Uppsala - Gävle
Many travel to Uppsala in the morning. From Uppsala, there are more travelers in the afternoon. Most people choose to travel in the front of the train, so to avoid congestion, choose other carriages.

Departures 16.13 and 17.13 from Uppsala to Gävle have many passengers.

Regional buses
The regional buses have many passengers in the morning and afternoon on the major routes.

Line 848 have many passengers in the afternoon.

The city buses in Uppsala
Most people travel in city bus traffic from 7.00-8.30 and 15.30-17.00. Try to travel at other times if you have the opportunity.

These lines have the most passengers:

  • Line 1: morning and afternoon
  • Line 3: morning and afternoon
  • Line 4: morgon and afternoon
  • Line 6: afternoon
  • Line 8: morning and afternoon

How can we together reduce congestion on board?

  • We constantly monitor traffic and are prepared to redistribute buses on the lines where many travel. This may mean that routes with few passengers may be delayed or temporarily canceled, which is not visible in the travel planner.
  • If it gets full on a bus departure, the driver can close the doors, re-sign the bus as full.
  • Ticket checks must ensure that everyone who travels has also paid for their trip. The perception that it is "free" can contribute to congestion
  • Refrain from traveling if, for example, you can work from home or get around in another way
  • Try to travel outside rush hour, if you absolutely must travel
  • Keep a distance from your fellow passengers at stations, stops and when getting on and off
  • Wait for the next bus or train if it is full

Travel only if you must

UL follows the recommendations of the Public Health Authority and urges everyone to only travel by public transport if you are completely healthy and symptom-free and really need to travel. If you have the opportunity to work at home, you help reduce the spread of infection. If you are over 70 or belong to a risk group, you should avoid public transport.

Keep a distance

We appeal to you who must travel with us to keep a distance on board. This can mean that the buses will be filled quickly and then you will have to wait for the next bus. The bus driver determines when the bus is full and then has the right to pass the remaining stops on the line. The most important thing is that we are all help to create a safe public transport!

Avoid rush hour traffic if you can

If you do not need to travel in rush hour traffic, refrain from it to prepare space for those who must travel to maintain socially critical functions.

Our buses and trains go for those in need

We all need to be helped to reduce the risk of transmission. If you are completely healthy and symptom free and need to travel collectively then we are here. Think about those who have to travel, those who work in traffic and our elderly and frail.

Corona affects healthcare journey

You who have a valid permit to go on sickness retax can still take you to the care. Due to corona (covid-19) we have changed routines.

  • If you have found corona (covid-19) you can go to the care according to special transport. Book as usual via the ordering center: 0771-99 90 00.
  • If you need to seek care and are unsure if you are infected: call the reception before you go there or book your sick leave.
  • Have the driver open and close the car door for you.
  • Feel free to sit in the back seat on the right side of the car to keep distance from the driver.
  • Remember to cough and sneeze in the arm fold.
  • Wash your hands carefully before going to the car.
  • Touch as few places as possible in the car.
  • Everyone can travel alone in the taxi, no carpooling.
  • If you are over 70, you will be reimbursed for traveling with your own car without having to be certified by the healthcare provider.

Travel funds on UL card is not valid as a ticket

Right now, it is not possible to buy a ticket on board our buses with a debit card or travel funds loaded on a UL card because the seats around the driver is closed. The notion that it is "free" to take a bus is not correct, and a valid ticket is still required. With travel funds on the UL card, you can buy a ticket in our vending machines or at the UL Center. For other tickets, we refer to the UL app, sales representative, or

A valid ticket is still needed

At this time it is not possible to buy a ticket on board our buses with a debit card or travel bag loaded on a UL card because the place around the driver is off. A valid ticket is still required for travel. If you have a valid period ticket loaded on the UL card, you do not need to do anything but can continue to ride as usual.

If you have travel funds on the UL card, or were thinking of paying the trip with a debit card, it will not work on board the bus, but we refer to the UL app, ticket machines,, or our sales agents.

Thanks for being careful!

Our recommendation is to show consideration in public transport as well as in all public environments:

  • Sneeze or cough in the arm fold and wash your hands frequently
  • Step through the back doors
  • Let go of those who need to get off before going on

Updated September 2 at 2pm