From December 12, we run support buses between Uppsala - Tierp - Gävle and Skutskär

The support buses run Monday - Friday starting December 12. It is about three support lines with a total of 24 trips Monday - Friday. The buses are mainly run as direct routes between the larger towns, where there are no alternative connections with other UL traffic. Information about the buses can be found in the travel planner in the UL app and here at

The timetable for the support lines allows for journeys at times that have many travelers and that reach large workplaces and schools. The buses supplement the train departures found in the reduced timetable, which starts on 11 December.

The bus lines are:
Line 963 runs the route Gävle-Uppsala

Line 964 runs the route Skutskär-Tierp-Uppsala

Line 965 runs the route Gävle-Tierp-Tobo-Örbyhus-Uppsala.

Where does the support buses leave?

The buses stop next to the train stations. They are primarily UL:s own buses, but there may also be hired buses. A sign in the front window of the bus indicates the line number and destination.

Uppsala Central Station
Buses depart from C1 (line 963) and D1 (line 964 and 965)

The buses depart from location X at Hamntorget

Tierps station
The buses depart from location A3

Skutskär station
The buses depart from location A

Gränbystaden is also served in Uppsala, and the morning trips to Uppsala continue to the Akademiska sjukhuset and Regementsvägen.

In Gävle, the buses also stop at Gävle hospital Västra vägen.

In Tierp, the buses stop at Högbergsskolan.

In Skutskär, the buses stop at the center of Skutskär.

Buy ticket before boarding

To travel with the emergency lines, you need a valid UL ticket or Movingo ticket (Mälartåg's single tickets are not valid on the emergency buses). The ticket must be purchased before you board the bus, as the emergency buses may not have a ticket machine. You can buy a UL ticket in the UL app, a ticket machine or from one of our sales representatives.

These bus lines are not visible in the UL app's Bus on map function.

When does the emergency service run?
Line 963 Gävle - Uppsala
Time table weekdays:

From Gävle to Uppsala
5.00 - continue to Akademiska
8.00 am

From Uppsala to Gävle

Line 964 Skutskär - Tierp - Uppsala
Time table weekdays:

From Skutskär to Uppsala
5.10 via Älvkarleby power plant, Marma centre, Mehedeby station, not via Tierp, continue to Akademiska
8.00 via Tierp (direct Skutskär - Tierp)

From Tierp to Uppsala
5.35 - continue to Akademiska

From Uppsala to Tierp
17.30 - continue after Tierp to Skutskär

Line 965 Gävle - Tierp - Tobo - Örbyhus - Uppsala
Time table weekdays:

From Gävle to Tierp
16.10 - continues after Tierp to Tobo - Örbyhus

From Tobo via Örbyhus towards Uppsala
5.27 - continues to Akademiska

From Uppsala to Örbyhus - Tobo

From Tierp to Gävle

No tours run consistently all the way Gävle - Uppsala on line 965, journeys Gävle - Uppsala are referred to line 963 and Tierp - Uppsala to line 964.

Timetables as PDF




You will also find all timetables on the timetable page during winter times from 11 December in the Region bus selector.