From December 11, the winter timetable applies

The winter timetable contains a lot of news and changes. We have listed the larger ones below.

The city buses in Uppsala

Line 3 gets 15-minute weekend service
Line 3 gets a 15-minute service between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays so that more people can take the bus between Nyby - Gränby - Kvarngärdet - City - Akademiska sjukhuset - Rosendal - Valsätra - Östra Gottsunda even on weekends.

Line 7 is extended to Jenny Linds väg
Now you who travel with line 7 can stay until Musikvägen and get off at the Jenny Linds väg stop in Gottsunda.

The stop at Saluhallen is back
Now you who travel with line 9 in the direction of Luthagen can get on the bus at Saluhallen again.

New stop in Ultuna and Bäcklösa
Bäkklösa torg and University Animal Hospital are two new bus stops. Lines 4 and 31 stop at Bäcklösa square and line 4 at the University Animal Hospital.

The regional buses

Line 119, Uppsala - Skölsta gets better bus traffic
Line 119 will partially have a new route and more frequent traffic between Skölsta and Uppsala. Monday - Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the buses run one trip every hour and on Saturday and Sunday the buses run every two hours. New stops are Kvistvägen, Idegransvägen and Skölsta vändplan. The line runs along Silvergransvägen.

Line 310, Bålsta - Krägga will get better bus traffic
Line 310 gets a new line section and more frequent traffic between Krägga and Bålsta. Monday-Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the buses run once every hour and on Saturday and Sunday the buses run every two hours. For a shorter and faster journey to/from Bålsta, the line runs Stämsvik – Krägga – Lundby – Bålsta. The stretch Nyckelby – Ekilla will only be served by school-adapted tours.

New bus times in Bålsta for better trips by bus and train
To enable combined journeys by bus and train, there will be completely new times for the buses in Bålsta. This is because SL has decided to reschedule the commuter trains between Bålsta and Stockholm. This applies to all bus traffic on line 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 310, 311, 803, 895, 896. The bus traffic will run an average of 15 minutes later per trip to fit in with the commuter trains.

Line 773 Uppsala - Västerås gets more trips in peak traffic
The buses depart once every half hour and during the rest of the day there will be hourly traffic. This reinforcement is due to the fact that several trains are drawn between Västerås-Sala and thus most of the direct train connections Uppsala - Västerås via Sala disappear.

More bus connections within the city of Enköping
It will now be possible to travel with the Regional buses also within the city of Enköping. It gives you as a traveler increased opportunities with more departures.

New stop Röbo
Now you who take bus 100, 103, 104, 105,111, 514 and 821 can get off and on the bus at Röbo again, the stops are located on road 600 at the height of Garnisonsvägen (Bärby Hage).

Support buses

Line 962 Uppsala – Sala continues to run until the summer
We continue to run service line 962 on the route Uppsala, Morgongåva, Heby and Sala during the period 11 December up to and including 11 June. We see a continued need to strengthen train traffic on the route.

Line 961 Uppsala – Västerås is removed
Friday 9 December is the last day we run the service line between Uppsala and Västerås. After that, the line is shut down and we refer our travelers to line 773, which has more departures and runs the same route.

Train traffic with Mälartåg

Uppsala – Hall
Train services Uppsala - Sala run according to the regular timetable and are not affected by reductions.
The majority of trains turn in Sala and do not continue towards Västerås and Eskilstuna.

Uppsala - Gävle
Mälartåg runs fewer trains on the route Uppsala - Tierp all days of the week. Several of the departures that enabled 30-minute traffic between Uppsala and Tierp during large parts of the day are withdrawn all days of the week. There will be four fewer departures in each direction between Tierp - Gävle during peak traffic Monday-Friday.

Uppsala - Stockholm
Monday-Friday, Mälartåg makes three trips on the Uppsala-Stockholm route and two trips on the Stockholm-Uppsala route. No reduction takes place Saturday-Sunday. UL's tickets are valid on the route Uppsala - Arlanda and Uppsala - Märsta.

You can find all current times for buses and trains in our travel planner at or in the UL app.