The front doors are closed for boarding in UL traffic

From 14 January, the front doors of the buses will once again be closed for boarding. All need to board through the back doors and must always have a valid / activated ticket before boarding.

The buses run by Sambus/Transdev in Enköping and Bålsta have driver protection installed and will therefore continue to use the front doors.

It is also important to continue to keep your distance in public transport, and use a face mask if there are a lot of people.

Your ticket must be purchased and activated before you board the bus. You can buy a ticket in the UL app, at a sales representative, in a ticket machine and at UL Center.

You who have travel funds on a UL card, 10-trip youth ticket, Company card Flex or pay for the ticket with
debit cards are referred to the ticket machine or sales representative to buy a ticket.

A temporary pre-purchased single ticket can be purchased from UL Center and other sales agents. Here is more information.