10/30 ticket - for you who want to travel from time to time

The 10/30 ticket is now available for purchase in the UL app. Perfect for you who need to travel more flexible than regularly. You get 10 optional travel days during a 30-day period and the ticket is valid in all UL zones.

The 10/30 ticket is available for the categories Adult, Youth, Student and Pensioner. It contains 10 dormant travel days. When you activate one of the ten travel days, it is valid until 04.30 the next day. You can only activate one (1) travel day each day.

It is only possible to send the ticket to someone else before it has started, but when the first travel day is activated, the 10/30 ticket cannot be forwarded/sent.

Adult SEK 680
Pensioner SEK 430
Youth / Student SEK 430

The ticket is only sold in the UL app.