SL Commuter Trains, Link to Stockholm

UL and SL collaborate on many lines across county boundaries by both bus and train. The biggest example is the SL commuter train. The SL commuter train for example only takes 18 minutes from Uppsala to Arlanda. The train stops in Knivsta and on all commuter train stations along the Uppsala – Stockholm C – Älvsjö route.

SL commuter trains run a half-hourly service during the day and evenings and continue to Södertälje. 

Example of travel times:

Uppsala – Arlanda 18 minutes 
Uppsala – Helenelund 41 minutes 
Uppsala – Stockholm Central 55 minutes
Uppsala – Älvsjö 1 hour and 7 minutes

Buying tickets?

It is not possible to buy tickets on board SL commuter trains. When you travel to Stockholm - Uppsala you also need to remember to have a ticket that can be activated in the SL area, for example tickets that you purchase in the UL app.  

Which ticket is valid on the SL commuter trains?

UL tickets are required for travel between Uppsala and Arlanda. You will need an SL ticket in order to travel south of Arlanda. There are both combined tickets and supplementary tickets available to purchase with a ticket you already have.

Station access fee at Arlanda C

To alight at Arlanda C and enter the terminals those who are 18 years of age need to pay a station access fee. There are also tickets where the fee is already included, a so-called Arlanda supplement. It is always possible for example if you purchase a single ticket just to Arlanda C.

Transit company

SL commuter trains are operated in partnership with MTR Nordic.