Combined tickets SL and XT

For those who travel both within UL and SL (Stockholm county), or within UL and X-trafik (Gävleborg county), there are combined tickets.

Adult price applies to those aged 20-64. If you belong to one of the following traveler categories, you have the opportunity to travel at a discounted price:

  • Youth: 7-19 years, or you who turn 20 during the ticket's validity period.
  • Student: you who study at least 75% and have valid student identification from Mecenat, STUK or WeStudent with SL logo.
  • Pensioner*: you who are 65 years of age or older, or you who have the Pensions Authority's pensioner's certificate.
  • Beneficiary: you who have Försäkringskassan's certificate for beneficiaries.

* There is no combined UL+XT ticket for pensioners.

When traveling with a ticket at a discounted price, you need to be able to prove your right to travel at the discounted price. Full details can be found in UL's general terms and conditions of purchase and travel.

UL+SL-tickets Adult  Discounted    
150-minute ticket UL+SL 81 SEK 53 SEK    
24-hour ticket UL+SL 290 SEK 195 SEK    
30-day ticket UL+SL 1 930 SEK 1 290 SEK    
Special offer for youths   Youth    
Lesuire ticket UL+SL spring term   1 750 SEK    
Lesuire ticket UL+SL autumn term   1 500 SEK    
School ticket UL+SL spring term   3 030 SEK    
Schoool ticket UL+SL autumn term   2 360 SEK    
UL+XT-tickets Adult Youth  Student  Beneficiary
120-minute ticket UL+XT Gävle stad 67 SEK 41 SEK 41 SEK 41 SEK
240-minute ticket UL+XT Län 125 SEK 70 SEK 70 SEK 70 SEK
24-hour ticket UL+XT Gävle stad 190 SEK 120 SEK 120 SEK 120 SEK
24-hour ticket UL+XT Län 280 SEK 165 SEK 165 SEK 165 SEK
30-day ticket UL+XT Gävle stad 1 425 SEK 905 SEK 905 SEK 905 SEK
30-day ticket UL+XT Län 2 190 SEK 1 285 SEK 1 285 SEK 1 285 SEK


For journeys with the SL shuttle between Uppsala and Stockholm county, there are combined UL+SL tickets. If you already have a UL ticket, you need to buy an SL ticket, and vice versa. Combined period tickets UL+SL are loaded onto an SL card and are valid together with the loading receipt.

Special rules apply to travel with UL's buses to/from Stockholm County, read more about UL and SL here.

There are special tickets and rules for traveling to and from Arlanda. Read more about Arlanda and what applies.

UL + X-trafik

For journeys within the area of both UL and X-trafik there are combined UL+XT tickets. When you travel by Mälartåg or UL's buses to/from Gävle, UL tickets apply. If you are going to travel further with X-trafik, you also need a ticket for X-trafik. The combined UL+XT tickets are available with validity UL+XT Gävle city, or UL+XT County. More information about journeys between UL and X-trafik.