Support services

Patient transport

Patient transport buses are for those who visit health care facilities. Travel is free of charge and one companion may accompany you on the bus, space permitting and provided the journey is booked in advance. Note that the bus only stops at bus stops where there is an order.

Booking a place

Book a place by contacting Region Uppsala’s ordering center, 0771 – 999 000 (open 24 hours a day). The ordering center notifies the driver of your boarding and alighting bus stops. Since you can board and alight at the regular UL bus stops, it is easier for the driver if you know the name of the stop. 

The notice is your proof of travel

Your notice must be shown when boarding. If you haven’t received any notice you can request a endorsed/stamped patient transport form from the health care facility that certifies the visit, or a health care receipt on the journey home. If you travel by a route other than the one you ordered, contact the ordering center and explain about the change e.g. from the phone upon input 85. 

Do you have any questions?

You are welcome to contact us at the patient transport unit, 0771-14 14 14 touchtone 3. We are open weekdays 8.30 - 11.30. You can also read more at transport