Questions and answers about UL and Mälartåg

What does Mälartåg mean in practice to me?
From 12 December, you can travel the route Uppsala – Arlanda / Märsta with Mälartåg on your UL ticket. This means that you get more departures to choose from, previously you could only travel with the SL commuter train to Arlanda on the UL ticket.

Can I only travel the route Uppsala - Arlanda / Märsta by Mälartåg?
The UL ticket is only valid on that route. But you can of course buy a Mälartåg ticket between Arlanda / Märsta and Stockholm and further out into Mälardalen.

How many departures will there be with Mälartåg?
There will be a total of 23 and 24 departures in each direction with Mälartåg on weekdays on the Stockholm – Uppsala route. Most go via Knivsta and Arlanda once an hour. During rush hour in the morning and afternoon on weekdays, some departures are added that go via Knivsta and Märsta instead.

Does Mälartåg stop in Knivsta?
Yes, all Mälartåg departures between Stockholm and Uppsala on weekdays stop in Knivsta, except for a non-stop departure.

If I travel on my UL ticket, is there an entrance fee at Arlanda then?
No, you have to pay for it separately.

Does my UL ticket still work on the UL / SL commuter train?
Yes, everything works as before on the UL / SL commuter train. You can therefore go with your UL ticket to Arlanda and you need an SL ticket for further travel to Stockholm.

I have a Movingo card, does it work on UL?
The Movingo ticket is valid locally in UL:s traffic. So if you have a Moving ticket where your chosen place of departure or arrival is within UL:s area, you can travel in all of UL:s traffic on it.

How and where do I buy my ticket?
As before, you must have a valid ticket before boarding.

How do I buy a ticket for Mälartåg?
If you are going to travel by Mälartåg as far as Arlanda / Märsta, you can buy a UL ticket as before in the UL app, in ticket machines or at UL:s sales representative. If you want to use the entire range that Mälartåg offers, you buy a ticket from one of the agents that sell Mälartåg tickets and Movingo.

Please note that UL does not yet have a representative in Märsta who sells UL tickets. If you travel from Märsta to Uppsala by Mälartåg, you need to buy a ticket via the UL app.

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