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UL Customer Service

Our customer service is available to you every day of the week, all year round. We open at 6am on weekdays and 8am at weekends and are open until 10pm every evening. Contact us if you have any questions about journeys, tickets or have other questions about our service. 

You are welcome to submit questions, opinions and tips on our Facebook page. We also inform about important matters that concern public transit here and respond to posts Monday-Friday 816.30. You are also welcome to contact us via e-mail too. 

Phone: 0771-14 14 14
Social media: facebook.se/ultrafik

Chat with us

Our customer service is available via chat to answer your questions and concerns. When the chat is open, you will find the "Chat" tab at the bottom right. Click there, and it will start.

UL Center

Our own store is in Uppsala central station. You can get help here with most matters relating to your travel as well as upload your UL card. 

Opening hours:
Weekdays 7-19 
Saturdays 9-17
Sundays and public holidays – closed

Opening hours for Uppsala central station can be found at Jernhusen.

Head office

Region Uppsala
Trafik och samhälle
751 85 Uppsala
Street address: Storgatan 27, Regionens hus
Corporation identity number: 232100-0024
Switchboard: 018-611 00 00

Send us an email

Got a simpler question?

Do you have a simpler question - e.g. how much a ticket costs between two destination or how to get somewhere within our region? In that case you can email us at fragaoss@ul.se

Please notice that we don't administer feedback through this email. 


Sending in documents of a public nature?

Written communications from for example associations, government agencies and companies should be sent to the address below. All incoming cases are registered and published on the net together with Region Uppsala’s diaries.

E-mail: registrator.ktf@regionuppsala.se
Region Uppsala’s diaries: www.lul.se/county council--policies/citizen/diary/