Delay Compensation

If you are more than 20 minutes late to your final destination, you can apply for delay compensation. Submit your application digitally here at, print and fill in the form and send it in or come to the UL Center in Uppsala. It is reasonable that you submit your application no later than two months after the event.

How much compensation can I receive?

Delayed more than Compensated with
20 minutes 50% of ticket price
40 minutes 75% of ticket price
60 minutes 100% of ticket price

Did you travel with a period ticket?

If you traveled with a period ticket, you will receive compensation equivalent to the cost of the delayed trip; see the following table.

Travel by SL commuter train or SL bus across the county border?

SL commuter train: If you traveled with a combined UL+SL-ticket across the county border, you must apply for delay compensation at SL. If you have traveled with two separate tickets for UL and SL, you apply to the respective company for the tickets.

SL bus: If you traveled with an SL bus, you make your application to SL.

Have you traveled with Mälartåg?

You apply for delay compensation at UL if you traveled with Mälartåg on the route Uppsala-Gavle, Uppsala-Sala, Uppsala-Knivsta-Arlanda / Märsta with a UL ticket. For other tickets, apply at Mälartåg.

Can I get compensation for another mode of travel?

If there is reasonable reason to believe that your journey will be delayed by more than 20 minutes, you are entitled to compensation for other transport (e.g. another train or taxi). We will then reimburse you with expenses up to SEK 1,435 in return for you proving the cost you incurred for your trip, for example with a receipt. 

If you have not had time to resolve a ticket before you found out about the disruption, we will make a deduction from your compensation (e.g. SJ ticket or taxi cost), which corresponds to the price of the ticket you would normally pay, so that you pay for the journey you would have made.

If you traveled with a combined UL+SL-ticket across the county border, you must apply for delay compensation from SL. If you have traveled with two separate tickets, apply to UL if the journey started in our county, otherwise to SL.

Delay compensation does not apply

  • Planned disturbances and canceled bus and train departures that UL informed about no later than three days before.
  • When you make changes between bus or train that are not presented as a connection in UL:s travel planner.
  • Any tip to the taxi driver.
  • Consequential costs, for example for a missed dental visit, flight or a long-distance train journey you did not have time for.
  • Several departures in a row.
  • Children or companions who travel free of charge.
  • The passage fee at Arlanda.

For those of you who traveled with a UL ticket, we start from the law on public transport passengers' rights (2015: 953).

Delay compensation/application

Were You Traveling on a Single Ticket or a Season Ticket?

Apply for delay compensation. Note that passengers who traveled by taxi or other forms of transportation need to download the form on the right.

Apply for delay compensation

Were You Traveling on a Paper Ticket or Did You Take a Taxi to Reach Your Destination?

Download and print the form. Complete it and attach your ticket/receipt. Place the form in an envelope and then mail it. Done! No stamp required. 

Download the form