Common Destinations

Here you will find information about trips to and from regular destinations such as airports or hospitals in the county.
Illustration Arlanda
to the airport

Travel to Arlanda

SL commuter trains can take you from Uppsala to Stockholm-Arlanda in 18 minutes. There's also a bus service, which is a cheaper alternative if you are not in such a hurry.

About Arlanda travel
Skylt Akademiska Sjukhuset
trips to health care

Akademiska Sjukhuset

There are several bus routes to and from the hospital (Akademiska sjukhuset). Some stop right next to the hospital area while the other takes you right up to the door. 

Bus to Akademiska (hospital)
Skylt Enköpings lasarett
trips to health care

The Hospital in Enköping

How to get to and from the hospital in Enköping.

Bus to the hospital