Travel with UL

Here you can find everything you need to know about our buses and trains, the rules that apply on board and how to pay for your journey.
Illustration på en mobil, ett betalkort och ett gult ULkort

How to Buy Ticket

To make it easy to travel by bus and train, there are many ways to buy tickets. Which way is best for you? 

Our payment methods
Barn på säte och liggande hund ombord buss
What about on board?

The Dog, the Stroller and the Bikes?

What can you take with you on your trip and what you should leave at home? What about pets? And what about Christmas trees? 

Rules on board
Röd positioneringspil

Find Your Way in UL Traffic

Get maps showing routes and travel centers here.

To the maps
Person går ombord regionbuss

Transferring Between Bus and Train

How long will the bus wait for the train? How long does it take to walk between bus stops at the Travel Center? Find out here. 

More about connections
Illustrationer på alla trafikslag
Our buses and trains

Green and Yellow Buses, Mälar train and SL Commuter Trains

UL is responsible for Uppsala and Enköping city buses, regional buses and has collaborations with several other public transport operators, such as Mälartåg/train and SL. 

More about buses and trains