Integrity and Cookies

We comply with the Swedish Electronic Communication Act (2003:389). This means that any visitor to a website must agree to the website's use of cookies. If you do not want cookies used on the website, you can make settings in your browser to stop the use of cookies.

Below are links for how to disable cookies for the most common browsers:

  • Internet Explorer –
  • Firefox –
  • Chrome –
  • Safari –

This website stores information in the following cases:

  • Website: The website requires a cookie to work. The cookie ASP.NET_SessionId is stored and is then deleted automatically when the browser is closed.
  • Form: If you respond to/submit a form, a cookie will be sent to you to remember your responses in the form.
  • Web survey: The website uses a survey tool to learn what users think about our website so we can continuously improve its content and layout. The cookies stored for the survey tool are called Sitester_xxxxx, e.g. Sitester_Nth1795.
  • Statistics: The website uses Google Analytics for visitor statistics to enable us to continuously adapt our content. The statics are aggregated and you cannot be traced as an individual. The cookies that are stored for statistics are: _ga, _gat.
  • Load balancing: The website is load balanced to give the user a better experience. A cookie called BIGipServer... is stored, and is then deleted automatically when the browser is closed.
  • Offers: The website saves information to be able to give its visits access to offers. To check and adjust permitted websites and interests, you can visit