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What applies on board?

Baby strollers
Baby strollers may be brought on board at no extra cost, space permitting. Door sizes on our buses vary between 90 and 120 cm. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee space for large baby strollers (e.g. for twins) on all buses.

You may bring up to two dogs on board without extra cost. Passengers traveling with more than 2 dogs must pay a youth fare for the additional dogs. All dogs must be leashed and placed on the floor. Please show consideration for people with allergies – choose the rear part of the bus/carriage designed for dogs on the train.

You may always bring luggage on board that does not disturb other passengers. Do not block seats with bags or other things you take along on the bus or train.

Bicycles on Uppsala city buses
Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring bicycles on board.

Bicycles on regional buses
During the period from April 1 to October 31, passengers may bring a bicycle on journeys with regional buses, space permitting. There is room for two bicycles on every bus and they are placed on racks on the outside of the bus. The bike must not weigh more than 25kg. Unfortunately it is not possible to bring bicycles with you on lines 801, 677, 774, 110, 111, 115 and our express buses. Tickets for bicycles may be purchased on board using a credit/debit card for SEK 27.

Bicycles on the Upptåget train
On the Upptåget train bicycles may be brought all year round, space permitting, Monday-Friday before 6.00 between 9.00 and 15.00, after 18.00 as well as Saturdays and Sundays, in other words outside peak traffic times. There is space for two bicycles and these must be placed on the provided racks. Folding bicycles stowed in fully closed cycle bags may be brought on board free of charge if space is available and the bicycle can be carried by one person without difficulty. No ticket for a bicycle on board is required.

Bicycles on SL commuter trains
SL rules for bicycles apply throughout the entire route to and from Uppsala on SL commuter trains from Uppsala. Bicycles may be brought along free of charge, but not during peak traffic 6.00-9.00 and 15.00-18.00. However, bicycles are not permitted to Arlanda C and Stockholm C.

Pulks and snow racers may be brought along. On regional buses they must be placed in the baggage area.

Mopeds, motorcycles, electric scooters and Segways
Not permitted to bring on board.

Electric kickbike
It is permissible to board with a electric scooter/kickbike that are collapsible on vehicles in UL traffic. This applies to city bus, regional bus and Upptåget. The permitted dimensions are a maximum of 120 cm in folded position and the weight may not exceed 15 kg.

Roller skates, skateboards and the like
You may not wear roller skates on board our buses and trains. Kick boards and other types of scooters may only be brought if they are folded.

Food and drinks on board
Eating food and/or drinks on board our buses and trains is not permitted.

You may not drink alcohol on board our buses and trains. You may also be refused travel if you are strongly under the influence of alcohol.

Electronic cigarettes
It is not permitted to smoke electronic cigarettes on board our buses and trains.

Wheelchairs and walkers

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