Have you forgot something during your journey?

On the city buses in Uppsala/Enköping, regional buses or the local bus in Bålsta?

Lost and found goods are taken care of by Keolis the next day and stored at Fyrislundsdepån. Lost and found items from school buses are also available at Fyrislundsdepån.

Telephone number: 018-18 84 15
Opening hours telephone and visits from 1 September: Monday-Friday from 915.30 but closed between 11.3012.
Visiting address: Norra depågatan 1, Uppsala.

School buses

If you forgot something on a school bus, contact UL's lost property department. Contact information and opening hours can be found above. School buses run by Mohlins send lost property every Wednesday.

On board SL commuter train?

If you have forgotten something about the SL commuter train, you should contact SL's lost property department, Klara Östra kyrkogata 6 (near the T-central). Phone 08-600 10 00.

On board Mälartåg?

If you forgot something on board Mälartåg, all information is gathered on this page. Lost property Mälartåg