Have you forgot something during your journey?

On Uppsala city buses, regional buses or the Upptåget train?

Then get in touch with UL’s lost property department. They are located at Norra Depågatan 1 in Uppsala. You can also reach lost property by phone at phone number 070 – 187 29 16.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 8.30-17.00
Friday: 8.30-14.30
Closed every day between 12.00-12.30

Found items can be collected after 14.30 the day after at Nobina

School buses

If you forgot something on a school bus, contact UL:s lost property department. Contact information and opening hours can be found above. School buses run by Mohlins send lost property every Wednesday.

On the local service in Enköping or Bålsta?

If you have forgotten something in Enköping or Bålsta you should get in touch with the Sambus lost property department. They also take care of valuables that are found on local buses. You can reach them during office hours on phone number 0171-30 465.

Is it something valuable? 

If you have forgotten something valuable you should contact the police. All valuables are handed in to the police’s lost property department, Svartbäcksgatan 49 in Uppsala. Phone 010-567 68 34, open Monday-Wednesday and Fridays 9.00-16.00.

On SL commuter trains?

If you have left something on the SL commuter train you should get in touch with SL’s lost property department, Klara Östra kyrkogata 6 (close to T-centralen). Phone 08-600 10 00.