Support services

Call-controlled service

Call-controlled traffic is when there is a line and a timetable, but we only run when someone has called and ordered the departure. It is not possible to order a group trip for call-controlled traffic and the number of people who can travel at the same time is limited.

See the respective timetable for more information about your particular call-controlled line and in the journey planner these lines have their own icon.

Please note that it is not possible to bring a dog in the call-controlled traffic. The exception is guide dogs.


If you have a UL card with travel funds or period ticket, show this to the driver. If you don't have a UL card or ticket since before, you can buy a ticket directly from the driver with a Credit/debit card. Please note that the ticket is then only valid for the last station on the line.

How to book a departure

The number is 018-617 57 02

1. Select departure in the timetable. Lines 982, 984, 986 and 988 is the Medical transport buses and can be found under "Regional buses" here on the page for timetables.

2. Call 018-617 57 02 no later than two hours before, and order it from your bus stop. The ordering center is open 24-hours a day and it is a good idea to pre-order your journey the day before.

3. When you return you order a departure in the same way, at least two hours before. A taxi/connection bus waits at the desired stop and takes you back to the stop where your journey started.