Support services

Call-controlled service

The call-controlled service is when a line and a timetable exists, but we only run when someone has called and ordered the departure.

In UL’s service there is a call-ordered service for lines 502, 504, 852, 853, 854 and 868. After 20:00 lines 502 and 504 are served by taxi. Line 868 is a link to line 865 which serves new line 56. See the respective timetable for further information about your particular call-controlled line.

How to book a departure

1. Select departure in the timetable.

2. Call 018-68 15 40 no later than two hours before, and order it from your bus stop. The ordering center is open 24-hours a day and it is a good idea to pre-order your journey the day before.

3. When you return you order a departure in the same way, at least two hours before. A taxi/connection bus waits at the desired stop and takes you back to the stop where your journey started.