Terms and conditions for the UL app

When you install, use or register the UL app and the services you thereby gain access to, you approve both UL’s general terms and conditions of purchase as well the specific purchase conditions that apply to the UL app. When you register an account, you will be requested to approve these conditions which will then not only constitute an agreement between you and UL regarding the use of the UL app, but also a ticket purchase agreement between you and UL.

Terms & conditions for mobile tickets
For tickets purchased via the UL app, UL’s general terms of purchase and travel apply. 

Mobile tickets
A mobile ticket can be a regular single ticket but also a period ticket -  but in digital form. It will work for travel with UL and in certain conditions with other traffic companies such as SL and X-Trafik.

  • The app requires iPhone 6s or newer, alternatively Android 8 or higher.
  • Because buying and activating a ticket requires a functioning internet connection, it may in some cases take a little time. Therefore, purchase your ticket in advance before traveling.
  • It is only possible to buy tickets through a mobile number registered with the app. Note that some foreign phones might not be able to download the app if it's not available in the specific regions app store.
  • The purchase is done with a credit/debit card directly in the app (Visa and Mastercard) or Swish and is verified by BankID. For transactions and payment transfers, the payment transfer service provider's general conditions apply where appropriate.
  • Several people can travel at the same time on the same ticket in the UL-app,  provided that everyone travels on the same itinerary and the purchase covers all passengers.
  • If you lose your phone or exchange your phone you can register the same number in an app on another device to use your travel funds and your tickets. Note that UL can't help you if you lose or exchange your phone number.
  • Money deposited in mobile travel funds can not be redeemed.
  • Travel funds in the UL app are completely separated from travel funds on a UL card. Travel funds can not be transferred between the UL app and a UL card. 
  • Your mobile device needs to be set with the correct time and date settings to work correctly with the UL app. The simplest way is if you choose to adjust your devices time and date settings automatically according to the phone network under the device settings.

Validity period
When buying a single tickets, 24-hour ticket or 72-hour ticket, you can choose to activate it immediately or if you want to activate it at a later occasion within 30 days. Note that the ticket needs to be activated before boarding a bus or a train. An activated ticket can not be deactivated. 

When buying a 7-day or 30-day ticket you’ll need to set a starting date. The starting date can be set 30 days from the day of purchase. The tickets validity will then start counting down from the chosen starting date. A starting date for a 30-day ticket can’t be changed after purchase.

Free change (Transfer)
From the time when the ticket is activated/started free changes can be made with the UL service within the ticket’s validity.

Arlanda (zone 5)
For information about the station access fee at Arlanda C, read more here

Special rules for UL/SL tickets
If you are to travel across county boundaries special rules apply, read more here.

UL Customer Service
If you have any questions regarding the UL app, UL tickets, times, fares or anything else that concerns UL – please contact UL customer services on 0771-14 14 14.

UL customer service is open Mon-Fri 06.00-22.00 and Sat, Sun and vacations 08.00 -22.00.

User conditions for the UL app

The Public Transit Department UL (corp. ID No. 232100-0024) ("UL") has developed a solution that through utilization of data traffic and a mobile application, the UL app, makes it possible for you to purchase tickets from UL and connected transit companies. The use of the app is subject to the terms and conditions of use below:

1. About the UL app

1.1 Intermediation of purchase – UL or associated transit companies are the ticket vendors. For connected transit companies UL is an intermediary of these tickets. It is the transit company who is your contractual party. 

1.2 The purchase and payment of tickets are subject to the contract conditions applied by the transit company from which you purchase tickets by means of the UL app.

1.3 Transmission of payment – the UL app contains the ability to pay for tickets. When you select a payment method in the UL app the conditions for the payment method chosen to apply.

1.4 The use of tickets is subject to the conditions applied by the transit company from which you purchased said tickets (refer to Purchase Conditions).

1.5 Purchased tickets are usually linked to your mobile number. Purchased tickets are not accessible via the UL app on several mobile phones at the same time.

1.6 You must be 18 years old to register your credit/debit card (Visa and Mastercard) in the app and to be able to purchase tickets.

2. Customer liability

2.1 The installation and use of the UL app may only take place on the technology platforms it is made available for and in accordance with the instructions that from time to time are issued by UL.

2.2 You are liable for any charges that the telephone service provider levies for data transmission or reception and/or SMS messages when registering and using the UL app.

2.3 It is your responsibility to ensure that tickets purchased via the UL app are not used by other people who have access to your mobile phone. Tickets are transferable but are linked to your mobile telephone number.

2.4 You are encouraged to use a password to protect tickets and information stored in your mobile phone in the UL app.

3. UL’s liability

3.1 UL's obligations according to this contract are limited to providing the ability for you to use the UL app on the conditions stated in its terms and conditions of use.

3.2 UL is not liable for errors or delays that are a direct or indirect result of causes or circumstances that are beyond UL's immediate control. UL is not liable for dealings between you and third parties that take place with the aid of or as a result of your use of the UL app.

3.3 UL provides no guarantee that you will always be able to use the UL app. However, it is UL's intention to remedy any technical faults, data errors, pricing errors or other UL app problems that UL is made aware of.

3.4 UL makes the UL app available to you free of charge. Therefore, you cannot make any claim or demands against UL other than those expressly stated in these terms and conditions of use.

4. Registration procedure

4.1 Before you use the UL app you must register its installation on your mobile phone.  You are liable for any charges your telephone service provider levies in connection with registration.

4.2 Registration of the same mobile phone number in a different phone can only be done once per 12 hours. 

5. Cooling-off period – Distance and Doorstep Sales Act (2005:59)

5.1 By registering the UL app for your personal use you agree to allow UL to begin the performance of services to you during the cooling-off period you would otherwise have had the right to according to the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act (2005:59) had this agreement been concluded at a distance.

5.2 There is usually no cooling-off period for the purchase of tickets from transit companies. However, refer to the terms and conditions of the transit company you purchase tickets from.

6. Blocking services

6.1 Requests to block (i) the ability to purchase tickets, (ii) tickets purchased must be made to UL or the transit company whose tickets the block concerns. Contact information for the transit companies concerned is available in their terms and conditions (see 1.1 above) and on the internet.

6.2 UL reserves the right to block services wholly or partially without forewarning where unauthorized use or abuse of the service is suspected, or if UL, based on technical, security or other grounds deems a block to be necessary to protect UL's, its customers' or other party's interests. Unauthorized use includes all types of fraud, ticket sharing, fraudulent purchases or misrepresentation. 

7. User license

7.1 UL provides you with a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to install and use the UL app and to use the services thus available to you subject to these terms and conditions of use. The UL app may not be used for other purposes.

7.2 Software and other material protected by copyright provided by UL or its sub suppliers or transit companies is the property of UL or other party. You may not grant the use of, transfer, make accessible or in any other way make use of software or other material protected by copyright other than in the manner expressly specified in these terms and conditions of use.

8. Processing of your personal data

For more information regarding how we use your personal data, see our site regarding GDPR.

9. Questions

9.1 If you have any questions about the UL app or about the purchase of tickets contact the transit company whose services you use via the UL app.

9.2 The UL app is provided by the Public Transit Department UL, Region Uppsala, corp. ID No. 232100-0024.

9.3 This agreement regarding the use of the UL app is concluded in English. English will be used for communication between the parties.

10. Amendments and validity etc.

10.1 UL reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of use. Amended terms and conditions are binding if you continue to use the UL app once the amended terms and conditions have come into force.

10.2 Terms and conditions of use are valid until further notice You have the right to cancel your agreement with UL at any time and with immediate effect simply by uninstalling the UL app.  What applies to tickets purchased via the UL app if you stop using the app will be decided by UL or the transit company you purchased them from. Therefore, UL refers you to the terms and conditions of said company.

10.3 The UL app, the content of the service it provides and the technical conditions for use of the UL app may change.  If you do not approve of the changes you have the right to cease using the UL app; if this does not occur, you will be assumed to have accepted them. You cannot claim other rights as a result of the changes.

10.4 The UL app is provided until further notice. UL reserves the right to cease providing the UL app and its associated services.

11. Applicable law and disputes

11.1 This agreement and related legal matters are subject to Swedish law. However, Swedish conflict-of-law regulations do not apply.

11.2 Any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of this agreement and related legal matters will be decided by the courts.