Privacy policy and GDPR

Who is responsible for your personal data?

Region Uppsala is the personal data controller for the processing of personal data in UL's system. The individual's personal integrity and the security of your personal data is important to Region Uppsala, which is responsible for ensuring that all personal data is processed correctly and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

As a user or visitor of UL's system, you accept the guidelines described in these terms and conditions and consent to the processing of personal data described in this privacy policy. We therefore ask you to carefully read the privacy policy before you share personal data with Region Uppsala.

What is personal data?

Personal data is data that can be connected to your person in one way or another, whether that connection is direct or indirect. It can be name, email address, telephone number, postal address and date of birth. Even pictures are a form of personal data, if you can be clearly distinguished in the picture.

What does the processing of personal data mean?

Processing of personal data includes, for example, collection, registration, distribution, processing and thinning of data.

Why do we process your personal data?

There are various legal grounds for Region Uppsala to process your personal data; that it is necessary to carry out a task of general interest, that it is part of Region Uppsala's exercise of authority or that we must be able to fulfill a legal obligation. In cases where no legal basis is applicable, Region Uppsala may need your consent to process your personal data. When you give your consent, you must always receive clear and clear information about what you are consenting to.

We may need your personal data for, among other things, the following purposes:

To provide you with a good service:

  • We administer and carry out your or your company's/organisation's purchase of tickets and payment via invoice.
  • We administer your questions and comments to UL's customer service.
  • We administer ordering and execution of school cards, group trips, medical trips and other trips in the call-controlled traffic.
  • We administer lost property and handle loss guarantee, delay compensation and complaints.
  • We carry out troubleshooting and provide support.
  • We record conversations for quality and educational purposes.

To provide you with relevant information and offers:

  • We send newsletters with information about public transport and contact you in the event of any changes in traffic, conditions, price and/or assortment.
  • We carry out analyzes so that we can provide you with relevant marketing offers and information.
  • We administer your participation in competitions and promotions.

To develop public transport and call-controlled* traffic:

  • We keep statistics with the aim of developing UL's services and thereby making travel better for as many people as possible.
  • We conduct voluntary market research and surveys that give you the opportunity to influence our offers and services.

For journeys in the call-controlled* traffic:

  • We administer travel orders.
  • We carry out ordered trips.
  • We investigate events and opinions from you as a customer, but also from your municipality.
  • We conduct voluntary customer surveys.
  • We report medical trips in Region Uppsala.

*Call-controlled traffic includes journeys with, for example, sick trips, care trips and day care trips within call-controlled traffic.

To make checks:

  • We prevent abuse or inappropriate use of our services.
  • We check the validity of your ticket and issue a surcharge if necessary.
  • We administer issued surcharges and incoming disputes.

Who can access your personal data?

Your personal data is used by the employees in Region Uppsala and Region Uppsala's personal data assistants who need access to this to perform their work. We do not disclose personal data to others unless we have to do so due to law, regulation or authority decision or to protect our rights or the rights of third parties.

Public document

  • Region Uppsala is subject to the Publicity and Confidentiality Act (2009:400). This means that certain documents constitute so-called general documents that Region Uppsala must in certain cases hand out on request. Before disclosure, a confidentiality assessment is carried out.

Obliged to report

  • In some cases, we also have a reporting obligation. This means that we have to pass on information to various authorities, and then relevant personal data may also be included.

IT providers

  • In order to technically process your personal data, it will be transferred to the IT providers who provide our IT platforms. In these cases, we have required the provider to ensure that they handle the data in a manner that is consistent with applicable data protection legislation.

Third country

  • If your personal data is handled outside the EU/EEA area (third country), we will tell you. In that case, the handling takes place in accordance with the protection rules contained in the data protection legislation.

How long do we store your personal data?

We save your personal data as long as there is a purpose for the processing. When this purpose or purpose no longer exists, for example if an agreement is no longer valid or the case has been completed, your personal data will be handled according to the legal rules that apply to archiving. These rules are supported by the Archives Act (1990:782) and Region Uppsala's regulations for archive and information management, and govern how and to what extent we may delete or save information.

What rights do you have?

When your personal data is processed by us, you have certain rights. Special rules for how we must handle public documents can affect these rights in different ways. Region Uppsala will receive your application to exercise your rights and take a position on your wishes based on data protection legislation and other laws.

Transparency and register extracts

  • You have the right to receive information free of charge about Region Uppsala processing personal data about you. You also have the right to receive information about how your personal data is processed. You also have the right to receive a copy of the personal data that Region Uppsala processes about you, a so-called register extract.

Change data

  • You have the right to have incorrect personal data corrected or to have incomplete personal data supplemented.

Delete data

  • In some cases, you have the right to have personal data deleted. It is also called "the right to be forgotten". In these cases, Region Uppsala must delete the data without undue delay.
  • Under certain conditions, you have the right to object to how your personal data is processed. This means that your personal data may no longer be processed unless Region Uppsala can demonstrate that the legal basis public interest is applicable for the processing of your personal data.

Transfer data

  • Under certain conditions, you have the right to have your personal data released by Region Uppsala in a format so that it can be transferred to another personal data controller. This means that your data must be disclosed and can be transferred in a structured, electronic format.


  • If you are not satisfied with how your personal data has been processed or feel that your data has been handled incorrectly, you have the option of filing a complaint with the supervisory authority Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (IMY),

How does Region Uppsala process your personal data?

All our processing of personal data takes place in accordance with current data protection legislation. This means, among other things, that we protect your personal data with the necessary organizational and technical security measures and that you always have the right to contact us to find out what personal data we have saved about you.

How is your data protected?

Region Uppsala works continuously to handle the data in a secure manner. We take the appropriate technical and organizational measures required to protect your personal data and ensure that the processing takes place in accordance with applicable laws.

Contact information

If you want to use any of your rights or if you have general questions about how personal data is processed, please contact Region Uppsala's data protection officer:

The Data Protection Officer, Region Uppsala, Box 602, 751 25, Uppsala
Phone: 018-6110000

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Region Uppsala reserves the right to revise this privacy policy from time to time.

The privacy policy was amended on March 27, 2024