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Traffic information

No buses on Stora Torget from 1 March

Lines 2, 7 and 11 will be moved to temporary stops on 1 March. Line 6 returns to the regular road.

Read about the change

Now we open the front doors

From 14 December, we will continuously open the front doors on our regional buses.

More about open front doors
Illustration på en mobil, ett betalkort och ett gult ULkort

How to Buy Tickets

It should be easy to travel by bus and train. Therefore there are many ways of buying tickets. Which method suits you? 

Our payment methods
new ul.se

School Card or Company Card?

You can currently find some information on the new ul.se at the bottom in the footer of this page. For example, information about the school card and our offering for those who travel in the service. Another smart way to quickly obtain information is to use the card links ul.se/skolkort and ul.se/foretag