New in the UL app: Send a ticket to a friend

What tickets can be sent?

You can send UL's season tickets:

  • 24-hour ticket
  • 72-hour ticket
  • 7-day ticket
  • 30-day ticket

These can be sent as a dormant ticket or active ticket.

You can also send a dormant (not activated) single ticket to someone who needs to travel.

Which tickets can not be sent?

  • An activated single ticket can not be sent and lent to someone else.
  • Only pure UL tickets can be sent (ie not UL / SL or UL / XT tickets)
  • A ticket that is activated with a value code cannot be forwarded.
  • A ticket that is activated with a social security number for medical travel cannot be forwarded.

How often can I send my ticket?

The ticket can be sent once per 12-hour period, so it must have been at least 12 hours since the ticket was last sent.

What about a dormant ticket?

A dormant ticket must be activated within 30 days from the date of purchase, after which the ticket is used up. This also applies to a sent dormant ticket.

A dormant ticket is redeemed, but not if it is activated, then it is considered started and used up. Redemption and refund of a dormant ticket is made by and to the person who paid for the ticket. A sent dormant ticket must therefore be sent back to the buyer to be redeemed and refunded.

How do you send a ticket?

  • Buy a ticket that can be sent according to the instructions above.
  • You can find the ticket under the menu "Ticket".
  • On the ticket, click on "More ticket info" at the bottom.
  • Click on the "Send ticket" button and enter the mobile number of the person you want to send to. Press "OK". The recipient needs to have the UL app installed and registered an account.

What applies during the trip?

You must have the ticket with you throughout the trip. You can not get on a bus or a train and then forward the ticket. You must first end your trip before the ticket can be forwarded.

Your ticket - your responsibility

You can lend your period ticket by sending it to a family member or friend. You who own the ticket and forward it, are responsible for getting it back, in the same way as when you lend your yellow UL card with a period ticket on it.