How to buy tickets

Everything on One Card

Having a UL card in your pocket is smart even if you don’t travel so often. If you know how often you will travel you can load the UL card with the ticket that suits you. 

You can find the UL card at all of our sales agents and at UL center in Uppsala. The card costs SEK 20 when you load it with travel funds for at least SEK 50 or any ticket. Once you have a card you can also upload it in our ticket machines.

Traveling with tickets on the UL card

If you have the UL card uploaded with any of our tickets you usually just need swipe the card against the reader or on the platform if you travel by train. 

Traveling with travel funds on the UL card

You use the UL card with travel funds slightly differently, depending on what kind of transit you travel with and how many of you are traveling.

On Uppsala city buses

  • Hold the card against the reader until it makes a “bleep" in order to purchase a ticket.
  • Changing bus? Swipe the card on the new bus. If your ticket is still active no new ticket is purchased.
  • Several people traveling on the same UL card? Talk to the driver.
  • Several people will change bus? Talk to the driver.

On regional buses

  • Tell the driver where you want to travel and how many adult and discount tickets you want to have. You will receive a paper ticket which is your proof of travel.
  • Changing bus? Show the paper ticket to the driver. 

On the Mälartåg train or SL commuters within Uppsala County

  • Purchase tickets in our ticket machines or ticket posts adjacent to the platform, one purchase for each person who travels. No ticket sales on board Mälartåg or SL commuter trains.
  • Changing to bus? Swipe the card against the reader next to the driver. If several of you have traveled on the same card – hold up the card and press on one of the tickets that appear on the screen. Repeat for all tickets.

Travel with both tickets and travel funds

You can also upload the UL card with both tickets and travel funds. Here are a few tips about how to activate and purchase tickets. 

  • Period ticket – swipe the card against the reader. Wait for the green light and then remove the card.
  • Travel funds – hand the card to the driver and state your destination. You will receive a single ticket as a receipt. Save it throughout your journey and present it at any transfer.