How to buy tickets

UL App

If you don’t want to have to deal with lots of paper tickets or cards you can download the UL app. The app is a smart backup tool that makes it easy to search for journeys, purchase tickets, upload travel funds, save your favorite journeys and find the way to the stop.

The UL app is free and also works with English set on your phone. On this page you can read a little about the most important features.

Check Out What the App Can Help You with:

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Look up Your Trip

To look up a trip "from here, right now", just enter your destination. The app detects your location and presents the fastest travel options. You can naturally extend your search from where, from when and to wherever you want. Your recent destinations will be saved and appear in your next search.

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You Get "True Times"

When you look up a trip, you can usually see exactly when the bus or train will pass your stop or station. If the time changes due to e.g. delays, the time is crossed out and the new time is displayed.

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Buy a Ticket

Buy a ticket from "Ticket" menu and choose how to pay. At your first purchase, you need to verify your phone, register debit card and choose a personal passcode. At the next purchase, the personal passcode is sufficient.

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Find the Bus Stop

Search results also show the possible walking distance to the bus stop and a map to make it easier to find.

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Save Your Favorite Trips

Favorites in the app are shortcuts to your most usual trips. In addition to making really quick searches right from the start view, you can see the time until the next departure and any traffic disruption for that particular trip.

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Service Disruptions

Any traffic disruptions/delays are presented along with your current search results. Click on the departure for more information on the traffic delay.

Intermediate Stops

In addition to the start and end stops, you can now also click up intermediate stops in the search results.  

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Get Notifications About Service Disruption

Select a routes with the days and times you want to monitor. If the bus or train concerned is expected to be more than 20 minutes late, you will receive a notification to your cell phone. The feature is found in the start view. 

The UL app in your cell phone

Where to Find the UL App

Look up "UL" in the Appstore or Googleplay. If you need help getting started with your UL app, you are welcome to contact UL customer service, 0771-14 14 14.