The zones are removed - UL introduces a simplified ticket and price model

Why a new ticket and price model?

On January 22, it will be easier for everyone, cheaper for many to travel further and new opportunities for the future. Students and pensioners get an expanded range of tickets and it becomes easier to buy the right ticket. Today's model is perceived as complicated and is based on you knowing which zone you live in and which one you will be traveling to, and that you are aware of the different prices in our various sales channels. In order to get more people to choose public transport, we want to make it much easier. We want more people to choose public transport over the car for longer journeys within the region.

The zones are deleted

Today's ticket and price model with five zones, where you pay the full zone price for each zone, and where the price is different depending on how you buy your ticket, is complicated. From January 22, we will remove the zones and you can travel within UL's entire traffic area on one and the same ticket, for 75 minutes. This applies to our buses and the Mälartåg/SL shuttle*.

* UL ticket is valid on Mälartåg on the route Uppsala-Sala, Uppsala-Gävle and Uppsala-Arlanda/Märsta. On the SL shuttle, a normal UL ticket is valid on the Uppsala-Arlanda route.

UL's traffic area

The bus route map and the train route map below show UL's traffic area.

Bus route map

Train line map

Tickets valid after 22 January

Tickets with geographic restrictions (single, 24-hour, 72-hour, and urban area) whose validity extends after January 22 are valid in UL's entire traffic area. Off-peak traffic and the 10/30 ticket continue to apply as usual for the rest of the period.

Single ticket becomes 75-minute ticket

The ticket that was previously called a "single ticket" is now called a 75-minute ticket. As the name suggests, it is valid for 75 minutes regardless of how much or how far you travel within UL's traffic area. With the 75-minute ticket, you can make your last boarding within the ticket's validity period, for the vast majority of journeys the validity period will therefore be sufficient. When changing for continued travel outside the validity period, you need to buy a new ticket.

The same price wherever or however you buy your ticket

When you buy your ticket, you get the same price regardless of payment method and sales channel; in the UL app, in a ticket machine, at a sales representative or on board the bus. Paying with travel cash does not give a discount, but the travel cash can still be used as a flexible payment method.

Are you traveling with a period ticket?

The tickets are available at an adult price and a discounted price (youth, student and pensioner). School and leisure tickets are still available for young people as before, but now at a lower price. In connection with the introduction of a new ticket and price model, the 10/30 ticket, the low-traffic ticket and the urban area ticket will be removed. You who travel with a period ticket can continue to do so in the same way as today.

Combined tickets for those traveling to Stockholm

For those traveling to and from Stockholm, there are combined UL+SL tickets. If you often travel between the counties, there are the period tickets 30-day ticket UL+SL and 24-hour ticket UL+SL, and for those who travel from time to time there is a combined single ticket, 150-minute ticket UL+SL. The tickets are available at two price levels, adult price and discounted price.

Are you traveling to and from Arlanda?

For trips by bus line 801 and 880, you need to buy a 75-minute ticket to/from Arlanda by bus. Applies to stops within the Arlanda area: Tomta, Gränsgatan (Cargo City), Brovägen, Terminal 4, Terminal 2-3, Flygskolan, Driftvägen, SAS-Hangaren and Halmsjön.

For traveling by train, in addition to a valid ticket, you need a passage fee to enter the airport. You can buy the passage fee directly in the UL app or on site in the barrier passage at Arlanda. The ticket is called "Arlanda passage fee train" in the app and can be found under Tickets/Other tickets.

The travel fund's conditions are changing

From January 22, the discount on travel cash will be removed, but the function to top up travel cash remains and is a convenient method of payment. The new model is easy to understand and you get the same price regardless of where or how you buy and pay for your ticket.

Are you traveling with a combination ticket?

Just as before, you can travel across the county border with UL. Combination tickets for UL + SL and UL + XT are available.

Our ticket range

This is the ticket offer that has been decided and is valid from 22 January 2024:

Tickets from 22 January 2024 (only in Swedish)

Easier to travel sustainably

The new ticket and price model makes it easier to choose the right ticket for traveling with public transport throughout UL's area. We are now scrapping the zones and you get the same price regardless of where or how you buy your ticket, and wherever you are traveling within UL's traffic area.

Timeline for decisions

  • 27 March 2023 – Decision was made by the Transport and Community Development Board to introduce a new ticket and price model
  • 7 – 8 June 2023 – Decisions were made by the Regional Council on new prices for UL's single and 30-day ticket
  • November 6, 2023 – Decision was made by the Transport and Community Development Board about UL's prices for the entire ticket range
  • 22 January 2024 – Introduction of new ticket and price model