Damaged or lost UL card?

Lost card

Those who have registered your UL card or have an annual ticket have a loss guarantee. Should you lose your card you need not worry. You can block a registered UL card yourself and those that have an annual ticket can contact us and we will block it. You will have a card sent to you within five business days. The new card costs you nothing. However, you will have to pay for any journeys you need to make while you are waiting for your replacement card.

  • The card will be sent to your official registered home address.
  • Period tickets have the same validity as the ticket on the blocked card.
  • You must pay for any journeys yourself until you receive your new UL Card.
  • To utilize the loss guarantee your card must contain at least SEK 50 in travel funds, have five days left on your period ticket or two journeys left on your 10-journey ticket.

If you have registered your UL card or an annual ticket on your card, click here.