Travel Sustainably When on Business

Most associate buses and trains with journeys to and from the workplace. But business travel can also be done by public transport. As a company, you can order cards and tickets via invoice and make it easy for your employees to choose sustainable business travel. 

But passengers find it hard to change and we know that it can be hard to get going. Therefore we can e.g. offer passenger surveys or tailor-made travel information for the company. You can see a few examples of our company offering below. Everything is free of charge

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Below are examples of the different services we can help you and your company with. Entirely free of charge.

travel experience survey

What Is Your Travel Profile?

Conducting a travel experience survey is a good way to identify travel patterns and attitudes toward public transit at your company. We provide the survey tool and manage the entire operation and also take care of the review of results with you. 

test passenger

Try It for 30 Days

Trying something out is a good way to initiate change. We have extensive experience in arranging test passenger travel and it is also our most effective activity. On average, about 40 per cent of passengers replace car travel at least three days a week with travelling by bus and train.

Green travel policy

Make Doing Good Easy.

Having a green travel policy to lean on is an effective way to work with sustainable business travel. We can help you to develop one!

training and tips

Let Us Help You Get Started

Do you need to get a better idea on how business travel using public transit works and what kind of tickets there are? We'll be happy to pay you a visit and tell you. Either face-to-face or by telling a larger group what we have to offer.

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